Of course I would have a dream
About you in your red dress
You were dressed to impress
And caught me unaware

The likes of your beauty
I couldn’t stand to bear
As my eyes caught holy fire
And my heart was worse for wear.

Of course there would come a time
When I’d dream of only this
A different time of innocent bliss
Where we are blessed with young love

But this dream is but a dream
And I am so undeserving of such
A change in your demeanor
In which you could only love


I’m making an effort to be free
To pry my minds eye away
From the rotting corpse inside me
To snip away my frayed edges
To refine myself, to define myself
And burn away the brush
That chokes out who I really am

The Admiral’s Idyll

Suddenly there came an arduous knock
Upon the Admiral’s acquired accommodations
“Admiral, the Atlantic is aging us all,”
But the Admiral was at his destination

Too far gone to hear the crewman’s call
“Is this how we live dear Admiral?
Is this how we’ll fall?”
The crewman called, so shocked and appalled.

In the Admiral’s dreamland lay the gold
But not so much as one could hold
A gold of heart, spirit, essence and soul
A gold of mind, body and self-control

But how to attain the idyll dream
Create a self of epochal coherence
And keep the composure of a perfect seam


Insights and inclinations move the memories
And the depths of the cave continue to recede
The bed rock is made of sky and the sky of rock
Ready to fall to the blue with no heed


At the end of the night I’m just an empty soul
I’ve got no one to be because my heart isn’t whole
If there’s anything that anyone should know
It’s that my heart isn’t whole and I’ve got this empty soul
Because of you, what we did and what we knew
It’s got a hold on every little thing that I do
Everything that I’ve learned after the fact
Can’t pull me out of this redundant mindless trap
I promise you that I’m fine on my own
But I’ll never forget the love we’ve known
These memories won’t fade with the time
Sappy yes, but they’ll always be mine
Remembrance of the crimes long ago
Will haunt me forever, for a fact, I know
And as for these strings left dangling in the air
I do declare my heart tells me it is so unfair
To leave a love so lost and slain
Cold and shivering in the April rain
It’s so unfair to leave them dangling in the air
Worse than a cheater in a game of truth or dare
Worse than a preacher who sins for the fun
Is it really over when it’s all said and done?