Can you wait love, for the life to be sane?
But wait love, it’s too late to say
That what we had has travelled farther away

But wait love, it’s too late to stay
Too late to lay, too late to save face, love
Our eyes are shaded by the lace

Our cards mean nothing with no ace, love
Alas, it wasn’t the game we were playing
But a player who was playing it, love

The kings aren’t kings without queens
And I’m no man of anything above
Nothing but a fiend among fiends,



You piss me off.

You earn my scoff.

You wreck my heart.

You rip me apart.

You see me run

And steal my fun

You burn my soul

With a fire of old

Tease my brain

Toss me the blame

Show no mercy

Simply destroy me


There it was, staring me right in the face
While I looked away cunningly
Trying desperately to ignore
The strange blue lace that lay upon the floor

It gathered in a pool of pale ooze
Twisted upward and became conical
Out of the peak popped two eyes
Which pierced me in my high

Carnivorous tentacles ripped through my veins
Looting my blood of nutrients
It reached my heart in seconds
As if it sweetly beckoned

Like chocolate to a small child
My insides were slowly devoured
By this beast of burden
An alcoholic to his bourbon

Silver Trees

I find me sitting beneath the silver tree
I’m out of reach, too far out at sea
Come find me, come find me
I’ll be beneath the silver trees

How can this be?
That I’ve destroyed what we used to see
Come find me now, come find me
I’ll be beneath the silver trees

Reading the books we used to read
And pretending to have what used to be
Come find me please
I’ll be beneath these silver trees

Now it’s only me
And I’m sitting beneath these silver trees
Come find me, come find me
I’ll be beneath these silver trees

Finally, you came to me in one nights dream
But what more are these dreams?
Than just my mind being mean
All beneath these silver trees.