We’re addicted to attention, snagged in one dimension.
Our eyes glued to the tube, and afixed to a view
Of instant gratification; we want it all for free.
We want it fast and easy, at the cost of being sleazy

So don’t stop to look, to see the lives it took
To keep you entertained, and keep your lungs stained
To keep your head stuffed, with the subliminal.
We’re steered so wrong, we’re crashing into walls.

Is there anyway, to stop this boundless bleeding?
Perhaps a bouncer to stop the beatings,
Of pop culture, into the innocent children’s hearts
Let’s all go back, to the absolute start

Nostalgia (07.26.10)

Nostalgia paints the canvas of my day
Splatters of blue, black, and weary gray.
The colors of a beautiful past
Oh, How I wish I could have seen it,
Through the eyes I have now.

We’d skip class to write our songs;
To play the music we knew all along.
There’s quite a bunch we still know today,
Like a diddy called “Forever”
Written by a dear friend of mine

T’was a playful few years we shared
Between the few of us who dared,
To open our hearts to circumstance
And draw upon the paper of time,
Leaving our mark in permanent ink

To delve into these long lost pages
We should only be eternally gracious
For memories like these are timeless
And no matter how many years go by
We’ll always have these things to find


In the early evening sunlight,
That shines through the kitchen windows,
I scrub an encrusted frying pan.
I am kept company by the dismal splash
Of water as it falls from the facet.
The sound keeps my mind from wandering
To the intimidating abstract pigeonholes
That are my every misgiving.
My eyes squint to reduce the glare
And they spot a lonely sparrow
Pecking at the household garbage
But to me, he means nothing
And alas, I am scrubbing a clean pan
The soap has long since been washed away
Along with the filth and grime
But it’s my wish, that it was mine.

Civil War (07.22.10)

I am just your comfort, I am just your sheath
Nothing but a shield, while you lay beneath
Unscathed and unsatisfied, you turn against me
Beating my iron insides with intimate intention

The real enemy, is unseen as it bears down upon us
And with their accurate arms they fire
The bullets tear through our delicate flesh
Leaving our union a malignant and mortal mess

But lucky for us our flag flies high
And we are reminded of all the reasons why
We should be a team, that firmly believes
In everything they are, and everything they seem

Written with and edited by Joe Volpe (07.19.10)

The female entity, cunning like swine,

He knows she’s twisted in her very own twine.

The gentler sex, the fairer being,

Locks him in with a broken heart beating,

But with soft lines whispered

To her whimpering ears,

She’ll be lifted from her terror tears—

Hope tentatively high, and often dropped to land,

Her fears kept low, but held hand-in-hand,

And beneath their lightly taken steps

Lay the fires of fear, and the devils fest.

But to walk through fire steadies the heart,

So both can partake in the glimmering spark—

One such seen in the starry night sky,

As they peer into each other’s eyes.

They take flight through the heavens

To refresh their aching souls;

A cloudy night sky opens windows and doors.

The overcast breeze blows through the house,

Blowing away every last, lingering doubt.

For when foundations are strong the house lingers on,

Fighting off storms ’til the rain is all gone

Ocean Floor (07.20.10)

The eyes droop low, copious with calamity
Burdened with bane
Weighed down like a boulder in the ocean
And as they impact the sandy floor
He wishes, that life was infintely more

The darkness blinds his troubled mind
And keeps him from regarding what is real
From seeing certainty
And as the answers await foolishly near
He is only stopped by his very own fear