What is this that keeps me from you?
I stutter in my steps, obscuring my view
And amidst the fog I lose my sight
But your guiding hand provides a light

How blind am I without you near
What would I do if I couldn’t hear?
Without my ears to grasp your words
I’d be left to be eaten by vulture birds

And yet there’s something else I need to do
To one more obstacle I must bid adieu
An old awful ape I’ve got to expel
My poor old back can’t take the hell

For years and years it’s haunted my brain
And I’ve finally reached the perfect age
Where my heart and head are in the same place
I’ve finally drawn the final ace

But oh so quietly, between you and I
More help I’ll need before I find
That rapture feeling I’ve wanted forever
So take my hand and we’ll jump together

One thought on “07.03.10

  1. Jingle says:

    vivid images,
    excellent portrayal of emotions!

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