Written with and edited by Joe Volpe (07.19.10)

The female entity, cunning like swine,

He knows she’s twisted in her very own twine.

The gentler sex, the fairer being,

Locks him in with a broken heart beating,

But with soft lines whispered

To her whimpering ears,

She’ll be lifted from her terror tears—

Hope tentatively high, and often dropped to land,

Her fears kept low, but held hand-in-hand,

And beneath their lightly taken steps

Lay the fires of fear, and the devils fest.

But to walk through fire steadies the heart,

So both can partake in the glimmering spark—

One such seen in the starry night sky,

As they peer into each other’s eyes.

They take flight through the heavens

To refresh their aching souls;

A cloudy night sky opens windows and doors.

The overcast breeze blows through the house,

Blowing away every last, lingering doubt.

For when foundations are strong the house lingers on,

Fighting off storms ’til the rain is all gone


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