Nostalgia (07.26.10)

Nostalgia paints the canvas of my day
Splatters of blue, black, and weary gray.
The colors of a beautiful past
Oh, How I wish I could have seen it,
Through the eyes I have now.

We’d skip class to write our songs;
To play the music we knew all along.
There’s quite a bunch we still know today,
Like a diddy called “Forever”
Written by a dear friend of mine

T’was a playful few years we shared
Between the few of us who dared,
To open our hearts to circumstance
And draw upon the paper of time,
Leaving our mark in permanent ink

To delve into these long lost pages
We should only be eternally gracious
For memories like these are timeless
And no matter how many years go by
We’ll always have these things to find

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia (07.26.10)

  1. slpmartin says:

    Such memories are the foundation of the future for they set the perspective for viewing tomorrow…Cheers…and thanks for the poem.

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