We’re addicted to attention, snagged in one dimension.
Our eyes glued to the tube, and afixed to a view
Of instant gratification; we want it all for free.
We want it fast and easy, at the cost of being sleazy

So don’t stop to look, to see the lives it took
To keep you entertained, and keep your lungs stained
To keep your head stuffed, with the subliminal.
We’re steered so wrong, we’re crashing into walls.

Is there anyway, to stop this boundless bleeding?
Perhaps a bouncer to stop the beatings,
Of pop culture, into the innocent children’s hearts
Let’s all go back, to the absolute start

One thought on “07.28.10

  1. Chloe says:

    Loved this poem – it has a similar message to my poem “Enormity of Conformity”. Feel free to take a look if you have the time.


    Hope you have a great day, Chloe 😀 xx

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