Dad (05.08.11)

The white lines blur as we drive along
And the smell of sun-baked upholstery
Soaks my nostrils, like water soaks a sponge,
With the comfort of home, and having a family.

I’m dazed from a day’s long labor,
My eyes heavy, and my head grows lazy.

You wrap your arm around me
With love and brazen consideration
Pulling me close against your scent;
The smell of comfort, and having a family.

I am whisked away into a world long lost,
Whisked away into a world without cost.

05.05.11 (How I Long)

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Where have you gone,

My sweet inspiration?

My nectar

Of thoughts and visions.

Grown upon flora

Beside the river’s basin,

And harvested

With soft precision.

Oh How I long,

For the abundant days,

When my tongue

Was all but graceful.

When my words would dance

And tastefully play,

And were laid

To sleep in a cradle.