Who Are You? (07.28.12)

Who are you my vivacious queen?

I know where I’ve been

I Know what I’ve seen

You were once very sweet

Now selfish and mean

To do such things

To my poor old heart

Wouldn’t you know…

You were just playing a part

Your majesty, the court,

I declare, here on forth

My heart is locked up tight

Held in solitary

Because it likes to fight

It loves a good scrap

But it’s in love with the light

What to do, what to do?

My lovely queen, who are you?




The Air (07.27.12)

 The air is silent but always moves

Fills no space and feels no doom

Weightless and free, it seems to me,

Wind beneath wings, waves of the sea,

It fills lungs full and blows a breeze

Keeps me alive as well as the bees,

The birds too, they love you so dear

You keep them high and keep them clear,

Of cats and cougars and scarecrows too

Without you, air, what would we do?

Sweet Dreams (07.27.12)

Lay your head

Down to sleep,

Dream sweet dreams

And count some sheep,

Billows of pillows

And warm cotton sheets,

Tonight you’re in

For a special treat,

I’m on your mind

And caught in your head,

Very, very soon

I’ll be in your bed,

Stars in the sky

And man in the moon,

This night I’ll dream

Of your beauty too,

So close your eyes

And fly with the breeze,

Tonight you’ll sleep

And be dreaming of me





I can’t find the words

For they’ve escaped my mouth,

And now in the air

They’re wandering about,

Wondering who you are

Hovering ’round the Moon

Have you come too far?

Have we met too soon?

Though, you look so well

And you seem just as swell,

How were my eyes so lucky?

As upon your bright beauty they fell.