There’s a presence in my room
And I know it’s not you

There’s a ghost in my bed
And there’s no way it can do

What you used to do for me
Or let me be what you could be

Cause there’s no way that you
Could ever be what you used to do

You let me go before I was ready
And I hung on way after reveille

Now I’m long gone on this troubled way
And you’re still stepping on merry bay


There’s not enough love
In this whole wide world
To fix the holes in my heart
And the heed in my head

I’ve been so lost for so long
That I don’t see any lines,
Or other ways to wonder
Without falling into my grave

Either stand here heartless
Headless and hesitant,
Or make the move to mortality,
And meet my maker in moments


There’s so many times

When the moon is my only friend,

So many times

When I’d like to die

And never mend,

The broken bones

Inside my mind,

And fall to the worst feelings

Held inside this heart of mine