About The Author

A perfectly imperfect human being.

Not at all average or ordinary, but certainly unique and extraordinary.

A deep thinker, reserved and introverted.

A man of creativity, loyalty and above all, love.

I am an artist, a writer, a poet, a musician. I am a humane human being with passion, love, ambition and strong feelings that are imbedded in my writing. I wish to share my poetry with anyone who will read it, whether they hate it, love it, or something in between.

My poems, to me, are like small stories, pictures inside your head or maybe just a feeling. Not all of them have a strong metaphor or a specific point to be made but all of the ideas and feelings come from my life. You’ve probably noticed my poems all have dates in their titles. Each one follows my life chronologically as I live it. As you read my poems, you read my life.

Efforts to be Free: Poetry(The art of stringing words/thoughts/ideas together to create feelings, pictures, understanding and revelation. Or to simply make a statement or a query.) by Sean Florick. Words of a perfectly imperfect human being. Efforts to be Free is a poetic project with no particular aim or goal, only an outlet to share pictures, memories, and emotions made from words that are all open to one’s own interpretations. Without words there would little, if nothing else, to express our inner workings, soul, heart and wanderings of mind. Whether it be a perfectly penned poem, an eccentric essay, some practical prose, a mulling message or something else altogether, words are the cornerstone of expression.

One thought on “About The Author

  1. kg says:

    I’m glad I was able to read your website. You’re such a talented writer.

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