Untitled – Song from Efforts to Be Free

This is a song I recorded today. I would love some feedback if anyone would be willing to give it a listen.

Song title: Untitled

Artist: Sean Florick

Album: Efforts to Be Free


As quite some time has passed

I see what little light my soul has cast

And seems more clear this most recent year

That i live my life in a constant fear

Of missing the mark on who i should be

And mistaking my evil as a sympathy plea

03.20.12 (Refound Words)

Music guitar

It’s been years since,

The day I saw you last

Or so it’s felt,

But at least 6 months have passed.

We meet again

In decent times,

And soon, not later,

I’ll be in my prime.

Few words from you,

I’ve heard ’til now

But finally I speak

And again know how,

To string a few rhymes,

And play a few tunes,

Again I can choose

Some words of truth.

Contrast (09.22.10)

The brown and gold hues of the autumn leaves,
Contrasts the heavenly clouds, that sail in the breeze
In many of the same beautiful ways
That the rainy nights, contrast the bright sunny days

If only there was enough time to save
So we all could stop and enjoy our decay
So that we might love the beautiful ways
That the rainy nights, contrast the bright sunny days

In the one hundred years we’ve got to live
The most rewarding thing we all might do is give
Which contrasts so true with what we might take
As our brutal love contrasts the world’s collective hate

Let us be the wonderful light
The bright sunny days to the world’s rainy night.


I learned to ride, at the ripe age of nine
But not so well as to ride on my own
With my parents looking on, my heart was fond
Of the lovely way they’d keep me safe

Twelve years after, and I am still no master
Of picking myself up when I fall
I scrape my knees and hope no one sees
But remember the things they once taught me