I lay my head down

In preparation for sleep

But I know it won’t be

A sleep so deep

That I won’t have a dream

Of you and me

And I’ll awake soon later

With cold hands and feet 

Because without you

I’m just not as warm 

I’m just not the same

Inside and out


Are you happy now? 

That you’ve convinced yourself

That to face agony alone

Is somehow noble of you

You won’t bother anyone

With your nonsensical suffering

Or your self belittling 

Or your torturous torment

You will carry your own weight

And not accept any help

You are alive. You are alone.

And it’s for the better


They’d tell you to suck it up

If your pining were known

And you’d say thanks for your help

And continue to walk alone.


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It’s been a long time
Since I’ve seen the sun,
Through the pitch black clouds above.
The splendid rays of light
Have finally come.
Exploding through
The pitch black clouds above.

Has it been a year?
Or more than I know,
Since I’ve faced my greatest foe.
Beneath the dark and rain
The time has flown.
And still I fear,
But face, my greatest foe.

I emerge from this
A new man with love,
Shown the way by powers above.
The brilliant waves of light
Have finally come.
And I’ve learned now,
How to part the clouds above.

We Are What We’ve Been (08.07.10)

We are what we’ve been, but such is time
That we art and are in, but all in line
To set tomorrow’s tone, with utmost ease
If we are not alone, our wants we appease

We are what we’ve been, but we are kind
We take each other in, and our hearts do bind
And shape to the mold, with utmost ease
If we are not too bold, our needs we appease

We are what we’ve been, but such is time
That we change what we’re in, and never ask why
And as in most cases, we are what we’ve been
Such is time, that we can change what we’re in