Where the Angels Hide (01.17.11)

One day my love said unto me,
“When we pass and come to be,
I want you there right by my side,
Up in the clouds where the angels hide.”

When we do, I want to be there
And know I tried my best to be fair;
In love and war and all things earthen,
We try our best to keep things certain

This we’ll do for our years on Earth,
And at the end we’ll share rebirth.
Then we’ll share our love in the sky,
Up in the clouds, where the angels hide.

Your Love is Art and Art is Immortal (11.03.10)

Have I told you lately that you make my day?

Oh my love, I wouldn’t have it any other way

Your laughs, your smiles they shine so bright

In a world so dark, you’re my constant light

If ever there was, an infallable clout

It’s the love you give, without a doubt

You’re strength and will and solid heart

Are priceless forms of honest art

You paint our picture with steady hands

Hands that prance and gracefully dance

Across the canvas of our precious lives

Because of your love, we’ll never die