Sun and Moon (08.16.12)


Moon (Photo credit: penguinbush)

Black widow spiders
Devour the Sun,
The Moon man’s work is almost done

Eight legs scurry
Over here and there,
The light of Sun could only dare

To show his rays
In the ever bold face,
Of the dark night’s lore and it’s weaving lace

Weaved spittle spines
As spiders crawl,
Furry legs, white stripes and all

The Moon, he spreads
Diamonds over sky,
Lighting the night as lightning bugs fly

Clouds roll in
And clouds roll out,
Sparing the night and Moon their pout

“Much thanks to you,”
Moon says to the clouds,
“If you’d stayed around I wouldn’t be found.”

He waves them off,
Chuckles some spite,
“I’m the fame of every starry night.”

But the real truth is
The Sun is the star,
Lighting the Moon from behind and afar

Brothers they are
In day and night,
Keeping sweet Earth in dark and light.

Your Love is Art and Art is Immortal (11.03.10)

Have I told you lately that you make my day?

Oh my love, I wouldn’t have it any other way

Your laughs, your smiles they shine so bright

In a world so dark, you’re my constant light

If ever there was, an infallable clout

It’s the love you give, without a doubt

You’re strength and will and solid heart

Are priceless forms of honest art

You paint our picture with steady hands

Hands that prance and gracefully dance

Across the canvas of our precious lives

Because of your love, we’ll never die