These Beasts Beneath Me (08.19.12)

These beasts beneath me
Aren’t just for running away,
But also running through
And keeping my enemies at bay

They keep me going strong
As my legs move along,
As my feet hit the ground
To every beat of the song

They allow my mind to keep focus
On things that lie ahead,
And learning from what’s behind
And every word that’s been said

They help me work through the pain
Through the burn of exhaustion,
Though step after step
It might seem more often

And my heart and soul
Is what holds all the power,
The power of love
And the power to devour.




03.20.12 (Refound Words)

Music guitar

It’s been years since,

The day I saw you last

Or so it’s felt,

But at least 6 months have passed.

We meet again

In decent times,

And soon, not later,

I’ll be in my prime.

Few words from you,

I’ve heard ’til now

But finally I speak

And again know how,

To string a few rhymes,

And play a few tunes,

Again I can choose

Some words of truth.