Pitter, Patter

I could sleep beneath this waterfall,
Beneath water so hot
That it feels so cold,
Or maybe…
Water so cold that it feels so hot,
The pittering and pattering
Drowns the noise inside my head.
Pitter, patter,
Against the back of my ears,
Oh, how I love the sound,
Of pitter, patter,
Pitter, patter,
As the droplets hit the ground.

Wonderland (08.12.12)

Oh, what have we here?
A new road I can see,
Where upon restless rocks
Lay rusted metal keys,
To open the gates,
And quickly so quietly,
Make my escape.
I walk through the fence
To have my sight turn a blur,
And the world I once knew
No more the world I prefer.
A few steps further,
Something stops the time,
And without much thought,
I feel my heart unwind,
From a place of fear
To a place undefined,
In this place here,
I just might find…
Within grows delight,
So further I proceed,
Wandering in Wonderland,
So wonderful indeed.
Through a jungle made of vines
And wistful white, tigers eyes,
Trees adorning blue
And greener are the skies.
Wafting in the air,
Floating through the trees,
A plump pumpkin spice
And light lavender bees,
Making their way
Through fresh morning breeze,
Over the Rushing River
And between Sahara’s Seas.
It’s summer year ’round
In such sweet Wonderland,
Where beauty is found
In every sight and every sound.
Where clocks never tick,
And mules never kick,
Where music never stops,
And balloons will never pop.
Beyond the white gate
I’ve made my escape,
Near Sahara’s Seas,
And the skies colored green.
Where the lavender bees
Live in blue bashful trees,
Between jungle vines
And the tiger’s white eyes.
To say I’ve gotten lost
Would be a lavish lie,
But I couldn’t care less,
As I float into the sky.

Dad (05.08.11)

The white lines blur as we drive along
And the smell of sun-baked upholstery
Soaks my nostrils, like water soaks a sponge,
With the comfort of home, and having a family.

I’m dazed from a day’s long labor,
My eyes heavy, and my head grows lazy.

You wrap your arm around me
With love and brazen consideration
Pulling me close against your scent;
The smell of comfort, and having a family.

I am whisked away into a world long lost,
Whisked away into a world without cost.

Contrast (09.22.10)

The brown and gold hues of the autumn leaves,
Contrasts the heavenly clouds, that sail in the breeze
In many of the same beautiful ways
That the rainy nights, contrast the bright sunny days

If only there was enough time to save
So we all could stop and enjoy our decay
So that we might love the beautiful ways
That the rainy nights, contrast the bright sunny days

In the one hundred years we’ve got to live
The most rewarding thing we all might do is give
Which contrasts so true with what we might take
As our brutal love contrasts the world’s collective hate

Let us be the wonderful light
The bright sunny days to the world’s rainy night.


Have you ever been in love
Touched the feathers of the dove
Or quietly lost your gaze
In the foggy moonlight haze

Have you ever misplaced your thoughts
Or in another’s eyes been caught
Like my eyes are caught on you
And there’s nothing I can do

And as sappy as it may seem,
It’s most delightful indeed
Like the sweet smell of summer
To compare, there is no other

Have you ever felt divine
Among another’s very life
Or felt so very blessed
That you forgot about the rest

Have you ever dug so deep
Found the dreams you dream in sleep
Found the one you’ve always desired
The only one who can take you higher

And through all of the clouds
I believe I have found
Someone to fill this space
Someone, with a beautiful face

And within her chest, beats pure gold
And from her arm, a hand to hold
Never have I felt, so at ease
Never have I felt, so at peace